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Google couldn’t buy alphabet.com, eventually purchases all 26-char domain

Google Inc., which is now a subsidiary of its larger parent holding called ‘Alphabet,’ has reportedly bought a new domain on the web that apparently comprises all 26 characters in the English language. The company now owns the domain abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com, which was created back in 1999 and owned privately.

The domain purchase was first spotted by domain-registration directory in Whois Records, which has reportedly been confirmed by Alphabet. The company did not reveal much about the domain purchase, though sources suggest the domain is worth approximately $2719.

Former Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page announced his plans of the new holding company Alphabet back in August with the domain name abc.xyz. Though it seems, the company wanted something big, really big!

“We realized we missed a few letters in abc.xyz, so we’re just being thorough,” an Alphabet spokesman said.

The company could have purchased the domain as it cannot use alphabet.com because automobile giant BMW owns it, while it also can’t use abc.com as it is owned by the popular TV network ABC. Implying that the move could be a ploy to protect the domain name connected with Alphabet.

In most cases, companies buy related domain names in case there’s a typo in the URL. For instance, Alphabet also owns Googl.com along with Gogle.com that redirects users to the search engine in case the name is not spelled properly. Besides, the company also owns GoogleSucks.com to prevent rival groups using it against them.

At the time of writing, the URL leads to an inactive site which clearly suggests Alphabet is trying to protect the domain from being taken by up rivals or somebody else. Elliot Silver from domaininvesting.com believes that it would be wise to forward the newly acquired domain to the Alphabet website. As many domains related to alphabet are already registered.

“I did a random search of other domain names that have parts of the alphabet, and most seem to be registered. I also checked the full alphabet in other extensions, and it looks like many of those are registered as well. Several of the main extensions (like .net, .org, .info…etc.) were registered prior to the Google news about Alphabet. I didn’t notice any that were registered to Google, although I admittedly didn’t spend much time looking,” said Silver.