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Microsoft kills unlimited OneDrive storage plans to avoid being Piracy Hub

Microsoft earlier announced that all Office 365 subscribers will be entitled to unlimited cloud storage, though now the company has abruptly ended that offer. The company now says that subscribers to Office 365 Home, Personal and University editions will be limited to 1TB of cloud storage as opposed top the unlimited cloud storage they were earlier promised.

“Since we started to roll out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 consumer subscribers, a small number of users backed up numerous PCs and stored entire movie collections and DVR recordings. In some instances, this exceeded 75 TB per user or 14,000 times the average,” explains Microsoft.

While users who have already consumed their 1TB of OneDrive storage will be alerted of the new change. Although, they’ll be allowed to keep their unlimited storage for a year after which they’ll need to find a place to store their excess data.

And if this does not sound bad enough, Microsoft is making it all worse for other OneDrive offers as well. For instance, the 100GB and 200GB paid plans would cease to exist for new users that will be replaced with a 50GB monthly plan for $1.99 by early next year. Moreover, free OneDrive storage will be reduced from 15GB to 5GB for all existing and new users, while the 15 GB camera roll bonus will also cease to exist. Microsoft will be implementing these new changes by early next year.

Now, it is rather bizarre on Microsoft’s part to go about things in such a manner. Apparently, the company had issues with users exploiting their unlimited storage, then why would they cut down the free storage capacity from 15GB to just 5GB. Moreover, its rather strange the company is planning to cut down on choices for 100GB and 200GB plans at a time when the market for cloud storage is competitively soaring.

What do you guys think of the upcoming changes to OneDrive announced by Microsoft? Will you still carry on using the service? Do share your valuable inputs in the comments section below.