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Yahoo Messenger app returns to Android, iOS and the Web

Yahoo Messenger is back and now available for download on Android, iOS and the Web. The company on Wednesday unveiled an overhauled version of the app for mobile devices as well as desktops, which the company says has been entirely rebuilt “with group messaging in mind”.

According to Yahoo’s SVP of Product and Engineering of Communications Products, Jeff Bonforte, the new Yahoo Messenger app comes integrated with some of the best features of Flickr, Tumblr and the company’s Xobni smart address book.

“We’ve made sharing, ‘unsending,’ and ‘liking’ messages, photos, and animated GIFs easy and insanely fast — unlike anything you’ve experienced before,” Bonforte wrote in a blog post.

The main highlights of the new Yahoo Messenger is that it allows users to unsend text messages and photos along with the ability to share as many high-res photos they want in one go. In addition, users can also like photos they send via the new Yahoo Messenger.

“You can literally send hundreds of photos at a time and they appear to everyone in the conversation almost instantly,” Bonforte wrote.

The revamped Yahoo Messenger takes some inspiration from Facebook, as it allows users to share GIF messages giving them unprecedented access to a “virtually unlimited and ever-growing library of GIFs,” from Tumblr. While users can ‘like’ any comment, photo, or a GIF in one-on-one conversations or group messages.

Moreover, finding friends and syncing contacts will also be made easier with Yahoo’s new ‘smart contact system’ powered by Xobni. However, Yahoo Messenger is limited to work only with Yahoo accounts as its unable to sync with third party apps like Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. Though it does give users the ability to sync between multiple Yahoo accounts.

“Syncing conversations between Yahoo Messenger on the Web, in Yahoo Mail and your smartphone happens almost in real-time.,” further added Bonforte.

The new Yahoo Messenger is now available globally on iOS, Android, the Web and will also be available on Yahoo Mail on Desktop. It looks rather similar to the new Yahoo Mail app and will be available in 44 languages on the Web, though limited to English on Android and iOS.

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