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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors, Specs and Features, Release Date

Just like last year, Samsung is reportedly planning two flagship variants of the new Galaxy S7 smartphone, implying there’ll be a premium curved screen version alongside the regular variant. The device is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress Trade Show in February while sales in the U.S. are expected to commence mid-March.

While, the Wall Street Journal reports that the forthcoming Galaxy S7 will also feature a pressure sensitive screen similar to Apple’s 3D Touch display introduced with the iPhone 6S. The technology essentially allows the phone to detect the varying levels of the pressure with which a user presses on the screen giving users a new way to navigate and interact with the device. The report further adds that unlike both the current S6 models, the regular version of the S7 is also expected to get expandable storage.

In terms of design, the upcoming S7 will be “largely similar” to its predecessor, while new features added to the handset take a lot of inspiration from handsets already available in the market. While new features expected to be baked into the device include the next-gen USB Type-C port that essentially allows much faster charging than conventional USB ports. In addition, there’s also a possibility that we might see a Retina scanner being included in “some version” of the Galaxy S7.


While a new leak, one of the more reliable phone tipsters with a reliable track record Evan Blass aka @evleaks claimed that Samsung is planning to launch four variants of the Galaxy S7 early next year. He tweeted an image that shows the four possible Samsung Galaxy phones namely Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Galaxy S7 Edge Plus. As of now, details about these other variants of the Galaxy S7 are rather limited. Though we can expect the Edge variants to feature dual-edge displays, and the Galaxy S7 Plus could be an upgraded version of the flagship, the Galaxy S7.

Coming back to WSJ’s report, it further adds that the camera on the upcoming S7 has been significantly overhauled, though without sacrificing any design aesthetics as there’ll be no bump on the back of the device to accommodate the camera. Something rather different compared to the Galaxy S6 whose camera bulge is clearly visible.