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Samsung’s C-Lab to demo WELT, Rink and TipTalk VR devices at CES 2016

Samsung has officially confirmed that it’ll be showing off three of its unseen products, coming out of its Creative Lab aka C-Lab. The Korean manufacturer will be showing off a healthcare belt, a motion controller for VR along with a watchstrap that can be synced with Android smartphones.

Let’s start with the healthcare belt dubbed as WELT, which is essentially an extension of smart devices such as smart glasses or fitness trackers. Samsung has decided to put wearables health tracking technology onto yore waist with the WELT smart belt, which can perform basic functions such as tracking your calorie count, hours of sleep, counting steps and so on.

Next up we have the ‘advanced’ hand motion controller for mobile VR devices. Dubbed as ‘Rink’, the company claims it’ll offer users a “more intuitive” way to interact with the VR world. Its pretty similar to how the Kinect sensor works for the Xbox One, which will be compatible to be used alongside Samsung Gear VR.

Finally, we have a specially designed watch strap that can be synced with any Android smartwatch. Dubbed as TipTalk, the specially designed watchstrap is said to offer a new UX, which hooks up with any Android smartwatch allowing users to take calls or listen to music by simply pressing their finger against one’s ear.

Samsung touts that users can hear clearly even in “noise-sensitive or loud environments, such as a concert hall or building site”. It also allows the use of TTS functions of your device as well.

These products will be demonstrated at the Eureka Park (Hall G), Level One of the Sands Expo on January 6. Get ready to get a taste of what the connected future has in store for us, as it’s a long way to go before these products become commercially viable.

While in related news, a 12-inch Samsung Windows tablet was also spotted getting Wi-Fi certification. Not much is known as of now apart from the fact that it’ll offer a 12-inch screen and come bundled with Windows 10. Its most likely the Korean giant is prepping something to rival Microsoft’s Surface range or the iPad Pro, and may be accompanied with a keyboard accessory or a stylus.