Home Technology Google Glass 2.0 leaks in pictures, gets a full hardware refresh: WSJ

Google Glass 2.0 leaks in pictures, gets a full hardware refresh: WSJ

Google Glass 2.0 may be arriving soon, according to a report by WSJ. New documents showcasing the upcoming version of the Google Glass along with images have been spotted on the Federal Communications Commissions website. Notably, the new version under works is unlike its previous iterations, as it appears to be foldable.

The images of the smart headset posted in FCCs filing reveal hinges on both sides, suggesting that the wearable can be easily tucked away while not in use. In addition, it appears Google has also added a light which turns on when the headset is recording. In terms of design, it looks strikingly similar to the one Google stopped selling back in January. While reports also suggest that the next version of the Glass will also get better battery life, along with a faster processor, improved camera, sturdier build and will also be water resistant.

Not much has been revealed by the FFC post, though it seems the upcoming will be catering to workplace professionals, specifically for industries like manufacturing and healthcare. The company stopped selling the Explorer version of the headset nearly a year ago, which had consumers balking at its rather hefty $1500 price tag.

Google executives indicated earlier this year that the company is still committed to its Glass initiative, despite being declared dead several times. The project is now under the supervision of Tony Fadell, the founder and CEO of Nest, who is now the top man to oversee the revamped version of Glass.