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Samsung Galaxy S23 range to have higher base storage, no CPU-throttling

It is just weeks left before Samsung officially launches the Galaxy S23 flagship smartphone. No wonder, the flow of leaks and speculations are at its peak, with the latest that we have on this shed some light on what the memory and storage configuration of the upcoming Samsung flagship phone is going to be like. That applies to all three versions of the phone – the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23 Plus, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

According to what a tipster by the name of Ahmed Qwaider has to reveal, the base storage for all three phone models is getting an upgrade to 256 GB from the earlier 128 GB. Also, the good thing here is that this will apply to all models sold all over the world. Earlier, Samsung usually offers incentives that upgraded users to the 256 GB model free of cost during festive sales or while pre-ordering the phone. However, while such offers were largely limited to only the US and a few other largely western markets, the nice thing here is that the leak is claiming a system-wide upgrade for all models sold worldwide.

Specifically, what is known is that the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+ are projected to come with 8 GB of memory along with 256 GB of base storage. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will come with 12 GB of RAM though higher models of the same are expected to feature even 1 TB of native storage, which again should be further expandable to another at least 1 TB via external memory cards. Apart from this, what is also known at the moment is that the S23 range will come with a flatter display this time compared to what its predecessors came with. This should allow for better writing or drawing experience on the display using the accompanied S Pen.

Further, the phone is also rumored to come with an advanced heat management system that will allow for faster and more efficient heat dissipation. This again will allow for better processor function and will let it to perform at its optimum speed for a longer duration leading to the phone performing markedly better. There won’t be the need to introduce software-induced CPU throttling measures to keep the processor cool.

On the whole, what the latest round of leaks points to is that the upcoming Galaxy S23 range will have an exemplary performance to boot and could easily be the fastest flagship phone Samsung has ever produced. Stay tuned for more on this.