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Samsung teams up with Adblock Fast to curb mobile adverts

Ads are one thing you can find on most website pages. Until now, there has been little in the way of ad blockers available for mobile browsers. However, times are changing; and Samsung has announced that it’s adding an ad blocker plugin to its browser in the latest update.

The company is adding a new open-source ad blocker to Samsung Internet Version 4.0. This will enable developers to develop extensions for the browser that block ads on website pages. Samsung’s browser is the default one with the company’s own devices, but you can add it to any tablet or mobile running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Note that the ad blocker API is exclusive to the Samsung browser, so does not include Google Chrome.

At the moment, there aren’t many ad blocker extensions available for Samsung’s browsers. One that is now available, and among the first to make the most of the newly available API, is Adblock Fast. The app’s developer states that Adblock Fast increases page load times by up to 51 percent.

This is not the first announcement made about new ad-blocking extensions for browsers. Apple announced in 2015 that there would be ad-blocking Safari extensions for iOS 9 devices. Since then, ad blockers have become among the top ranked apps in the App Store.

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Adblock Plus is an ad block extension available for Firefox and Google Chrome. Adblock Plus also announced a deal with ASUS that effectively began this year. Adblock Plus confirmed a partnership that will integrate ad blocking into ASUS mobile devices. The Adblock CEO stated, “We’re extremely happy to team up with ASUS, the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices.”

So few can doubt that ad-blocking extensions are on the rise. With the latest announcement, there will be more Samsung browser ad blockers to cut the number of ads on websites. Having fewer ads is much the same as having less images on a page, and can only cut load times.

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