Home Technology Asus to bake Adblock Plus into Asus Browser in 2016

Asus to bake Adblock Plus into Asus Browser in 2016

Asus will reportedly enable AdBlock Plus by default in all its forthcoming devices starting 2016. The company has joined hands with the brainchild behind AdBlock Plus, Eyeo GMBH, to integrate the adblocking tool on Asus’s proprietary web browser that comes pre-loaded in its smartphones.

“We’re extremely happy to team up with Asus, the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices. This is another call for innovation in the ad industry–a call getting louder by the day,” said AdBlock Plus’s co-founder and CEO, Till Faida.

While this wouldn’t be a cause of concern for other established browsers including the likes Google Chrome, having a substantially larger user base of around 800 million as opposed Asus browser’s estimated user base of 15 million. Though, now with Asus joining hands with a major adblocking tool, it certainly has the potential to attract more users to its in-house browser.

Ad Blockers have existed for quite a while now, though it was only After Apple started using Adblockers on its Safari web browser that the concept grabbed everyone’s attention. The Cupertino giant says such tools affect the overall web browsing experience with slower loading times along with additional data charges.

Even users find such ads rather annoying as they have a tendency to pop up out of nowhere and at times covers entire page that can be rather infuriating. Blocked ads also implies loss of revenue for publishers, though users are constantly seeking out ways to curb them. Hence, AdBlockers seem to be the perfect solution.

It’s also worth pointing out that AdBlocker has an Acceptable Ads program initiative. It essentially allows publishers to pay some amount of money so that their ads aren’t blocked, provided they meet specific criteria. In addition, users can always turn off such ads as well in settings, to completely get rid of ads.