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Google’s new Virtual Reality headset, VR support into Android this year

Google has stated it is upping its ante in the Virtual Reality space with a new headset which it intends to launch before the end of the year. That is not all for Google also intends to make the technology integrated into the Android OS itself to ensure a far better VR viewing experience than was otherwise possible with the Cardboard, the company’s first shot at a VR headset.

Google had first launched the Cardboard back in 2014 and was positioned as an affordable alternative to several of its more flamboyant competitors such as the Gear VR from Samsung. The device also did remarkably well, having sold more than 5 million units so far which even exceeded Google’s initial expectations.

However, Google is attempting a more comprehensive retake on the segment with a sturdier unit this time. Made of plastic, the Cardboard successor will have a better assortment of sensors and lenses along with support for a wider range of smartphones. This will ensure a more wholesome VR experience than is possible on even the Galaxy VR owing to the latter’s compatibility with just a few smartphone devices which again is limited to several of the company’s latest models only.

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Google was already suspected to be into something along these lines thanks to a job posting made in January. Barely a few weeks down the line, we already have a better idea of what things are shaping up to.

Further, with a deeper integration of the technology into the Android OS itself, Google is aiming to reduce the lag time between the movements of the head and the virtual images depicted, something that is better known as latency. This, in turn, will also lead to reduced chances of nauseous and dizzy feeling, especially after prolonged viewing.

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The Cardboard right now operates via an app that makes for a slightly more complex mode of communication between the headset and the smartphone.

All of this couldn’t have come at a better as well what with Alphabet, Google’s parent company emerging as the most valuable company on the planet, trumping Apple in the process. As things stand right now, Alphabet’s market value stands at a staggering $555 billion compared to the $533 billion that Apple is valued at.