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Adblock Fast for Samsung’s Android Internet Browser returns to Google Play Store

Adblock Fast, the Ad blocking app, has made a comeback at the Google Play Store merely days after it was removed. The saga of events makes for an interesting read.

The particular add-on app, Adblock Fast made its debut at the Android app store on January 29th. An update to the app was introduced on February 1st, which Google promptly rejected. The very next day, on February 2nd, the app made it to the top of the charts of free, productivity apps. Moreover, it is also on this very day that the app got pulled from the Play store.

Google stated the app violated section 4.4 of Google’s Developer Distribution Agreement, a key criterion that prohibits an app from making any attempt at interfering with other third-party apps and services.

Rocketship Apps, developer of the Adblock Fast app, had filed an appeal on February 1st, the same day it was pulled off the Google Play store. Google accepted the appeal on February 5th followed by publishing the app at the store on February 9th. The search giant didn’t reveal what made it reverse its earlier decision regarding Adblock Fast even though other similar ad blocking apps such as Adblock Plus and Crystal continued to be available at the store.

In its defence, Rocketship Apps clarified that Ad blocking app only interacted with Samsung’s Android Internet Browser and relied on only the Samsung API.

To make things even better, there is also an update to Adblock Fast app available as well, one that bumps the version to 1.1.0. The updated version now supports Android 4.0 though the device needs to have Samsung Internet 4.0 and Android 6.0 marshmallow for the app to be functional.

Samsung teams up with Adblock Fast to curb mobile adverts

Ads can be quite informative though an overdose of it can also be annoying. That apart, ads that are increasingly becoming more multimedia oriented also eat up bandwidth, prompting many to seek ways to shut such ads out. It’s no wonder then that ad blocking apps are among the most sought after not only in Android but also on the Apple iOS platform itself.

Fortunately for Samsung users, they now have the Adblock Fast to rely on though other such apps are available too.