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Samsung teases Galaxy S7 waterproofing and wireless charging capabilities

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is set to be unveiled later today though the excitement is already getting palpable. And there are at least two new features – waterproofing and wireless charging – that almost stands confirmed to be part of the Galaxy S7 package has come to the fore thanks to Samsung’s Indonesian division.

An unlisted ad titled #TheNextGalaxy has made it to the official YouTube channel of Samsung Indonesia and shows the country’s ace archer Dellie Threesyadinda taking time off from his training to catch up with what could be some notification on a smartphone with uncanny similarity with the Galaxy S6. Interestingly, all of this is happening amidst pouring rain, which again is an indication of the smartphone’s waterproofing capabilities.


The video makes sense when tallied with previous rumors as well as leaks courtesy of Evan Blass that showed the upcoming Galaxy S7 to be a lot similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 so far as the basic design is concerned. Couple that to the timing of the release of the video, accidental or otherwise, and we could do well we looking at the next big thing coming from Samsung. Specifically, it’s the curved screen variant, Edge in Samsung-speak that has been depicted.

The smartphone is also shown being charged wirelessly which no doubt is a convenient feature to look forward to though the fact is, the lack of such a feature on a device as high profile as the S7 would help me more of a new than otherwise.

Similarly, a teaser site also from Indonesia has some more information about the S7 to share. For instance, a page with the caption ‘Worry Less Discovery’ along with images of bubbles reinforces the waterproofing credentials of the S7.

Then there is also the lock icon along with the tag ‘experience privacy at its finest’ points to Samsung incorporating enhanced security features on the S7, which could go beyond the now ubiquitous fingerprint scanner to something, even more, fool proof like say an iris scanner for an extra layer of security.

Another tag that reads ‘bring light to the night’ with a camera lens placed right alongside it could also be an indication of enhanced photographic abilities of the S7, particularly in a low light scenario.

Samsung is slated to launch officially the Galaxy S7 on Feb 21st at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.