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12 tips for high scores in Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the top Android and iOS game titles. It is a game that allows anyone to crush candies to clock up higher scores and get onto the levels. Here are a few tips and tricks for clocking up higher scores and efficiently completing levels in Candy Crush Saga.

Never follow the suggested moves

If you don’t quickly make your move, the game suggests one with flashing and moving candies. Don’t always follow such suggestions as they are not always great moves (usually basic three candy combos). So, if you usually follow them, you probably will never rack up significant point totals. Have a good look for better alternatives before combining the candies as suggested.

Better to crush candies at the bottom

If you can crush candies at the top or bottom of a level, crush the bottom candies if the combos are the same. It is better to crush the ones at the lower part due to the fact that they drop down eventually. It can create a potential cascading effect that might give you free moves and greater scope for candy combos.

Combos give you the most points

Combos are the name of the game in all the Candy Crush titles. When you match more candies, you get special candies that are key to higher point scoring. Hence, save the special candies so you can combine them into some dazzling combinations.

Have a game plan

You should have a game plan while looking around for the opening layout of the candies on each level. Don’t just rush in to crush as many candies as quickly as possible. Remember that most of the levels are not time based, and even if they are, you can always pause the game between moves.

Make the most of the sprinkler candies

The sprinkler candies taste delicious in Candy Crush. They are the special candies you can combine with standard ones to remove all the candies of the same color. As such, it is best to combine this one with candy that has lots of matching colors on the board. Note that you will also gain more points if you save and use it later in a level.

Finishing levels in fewer moves doesn’t always ensure higher scores

When playing for higher scores, note that finishing in fewer moves doesn’t always guarantee a higher score. The more special candies are left when you finish the level, the more bonus points you will get to pick. Hence, when you are close to finishing a level, drag the level on a little longer to create more special candies.

Clear those chocolate squares

Chocolate squares regenerate in levels. Hence, you have got to pass them as quickly as possible. The chocolate spreads and will limit space to create special candies. So, if you can clear the board of those chocolate squares quickly, you will be able to plan moves and clock up higher scores.

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Clear the liquorice and locked candies ASAP

Some levels include liquorice candies that you should also clear quickly. Clearing them ensures that more of the candies cascade down, which will give you more options for further moves. If you don’t clear the liquorice candies quickly, the locked candies will also remain intact for longer.

+ 5 Moves Boosts Score

It is worth investing in the + 5 moves booster with IAPs. It will give you an extra five moves when activated in a level. Those moves could then give you an additional five special candies to accumulate higher scores with.

Clear out-of-reach tiles with Striped Candies

Striped candies always come handy, in particular on those levels that have out-of-reach tiles. These are candies that produce horizontal and vertical blasts that clear lines. Hence with striped candies, you can blast away out-of-reach tiles on certain levels if you place them correctly.

Go for wrapped candies on stages that include chocolate

Accordingly, chocolate multiplies on some levels and should be cleared quickly. Hence, if you want to clear those levels in fewest moves and get a higher score, you have got to create wrapped candies. Matching candies in an L or T formation creates the wrapped candies. When you activate the wrapped candy, it explodes twice. As such, it is very efficient for clearing chocolate.

Clear jellies on the edge

On jelly levels, you have got to clear all the jellies on the board. The best strategy for these levels is to clear those jellies on the side of the board. Then you’ll probably finish the level in fewer moves and higher score.

So those are a few tips for Candy Crush Saga. With these tips, you can clear the levels in fewer moves and with higher scores. Note that some of the tips might also come handy in other games of the Candy Crush series that have the same combinations. If you know any other trick, then do let us know in the comment section. You can also check out how to secure your Android smartphone in 7 easy steps.

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