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Google Fiber scraps Free basic tier, Replacing with $50 Fiber 100 in Kansas City

Google Fiber is bringing significant changes by yanking off the free basic tier and introducing a paid model in its place which again boasts of significant speed enhancements.

So far, the basic tier offered free internet services but at upload and download speeds of just 5Mbps. That is not all as subscribers were also required to pay $300 as installation fee, which again could be paid in $25 monthly installments over a 12-month period.

However, it’s being replaced with the Fiber 100 plan that offers unlimited data usage at upload and download speeds of 100Mbps while costing $50 per month. The installation fee, while still applicable is now downsized to $100, which again can be paid over a 12-month period.

Next up is the Fiber 1000 plan the specifics of which remain virtually unchanged. That includes upload and download speeds of 1000Mbps along with a terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage included in the package, all for $70 a month.

Lastly, there is the Fiber 1000 + TV plan that costs $130 per month and offers 150+ channels along with the facility of recording up to 8 shows simultaneously. This goes on top of all the features that apply to the Fiber 1000 plan.

Interestingly, the changes are being introduced in Kansas City, which is also where the search giant had first rolled out its ambitious Google Fiber plans in summer 2012. The Google Fiber plan envisioned making available internet services to the masses at affordable rates, although the free basic tier was never made available in Atlanta. However, then again, the free tier continues to be available in Austin and Provo though it is not known if the free service will be withdrawn in those cities.

Google has not offered any comment to explain its move either though it is being speculated the scrapping of the free basic tier could be an attempt to make the project not only self-sustaining but also make sufficient returns as well.