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Eight legal websites to download Music and Movies

For music and movie buffs, it just isn’t about listening to the songs or watching the movies they love. They’d also love to have those songs and movies on their own devices so that they get to watch or listen to those anytime they want, and any number of times as well.

No wonder, there is no dearth of sites offering music and movie downloads. However, not all of them are legal as they may not have the rights and licenses to distribute the song and movies listed on their site. Technically, that would make it illegal to download and host such content on your device and is definitely not recommended under any circumstances.

Fortunately, there sure are sites that offer music and movie downloads that are perfectly legal and are hence a safe thing to do. Here is a list of eight such sites that allow downloads of music and movies while being on the right side of the law.


Think of it as a cloud-based repository of music that has been created by music buffs like you. In other words, the site allows its users to upload the songs they love and want to share with others. And if you are not averse to let others download the songs, those will be accompanied by a Download button and will be a legal thing for others to do. That makes SoundCloud a great music sharing platform for not only music lovers but the creators as well.

Internet Archive

It is an archive of movies, music, TV series, books, software, and what-not; and they number in millions. While it is true you won’t be having the latest stuff here but you will have it all for free. Also, given the sheer size of the Internet Archive library, you can be almost certain of finding what you are looking for if you don’t mind those being slightly dated.


Jamendo plays hosts to more than half a million songs that are perfectly okay to download on your device for offline listening. It is one of the largest collection of indie songs and is also the perfect place to hit upon future Rockstar and musical greats as well.

Free Amazon Music Store

The world’s largest retailer that it is, it should be hardly surprising they have MP3 songs for sale as well. The Amazon Music Store has a huge repository of free songs too, which you can listen to or download without paying a dime. The songs are also neatly organized based on their genres which makes it really easy to hit upon your favorite tunes in no time. True the free catalog might not have the latest hits but there sure are some great music available for free.


YouTube needs no introduction. After all, it happens to be the largest collection of videos online. From songs and movies to DIY videos or those related to travel, you can be sure to find videos related to almost anything under the sun. The site also offers a subscription plan that will let you see ad-free videos. That is not all as Premium subscribers also have the option to download the videos for offline viewing as well.


It may not have the numbers on its side when it comes to the number of videos it hosts, but it definitely ranks high up when it comes to video quality. In fact, Vimeo had been the first video sharing site that came to support videos in high definition format. Also, while Vimeo is an ad-free service, there are subscription plans on offer that offer enhanced benefits. Those include privacy controls, support for HDR and 4K formats and the option to create and upload videos, to name just a few.


PureVolume is basically a site where artists can upload their latest and greatest creations. Music lovers can listen to songs and upvote those based on their preferences. You will also be able to download the songs which have been marked as such by the artists. It must be said there is a sizeable number of songs that the artists have allowed for downloading. Else, you are always entitled to unlimited listening.


Hotstar is great if you’d like to watch movies in Indian regional languages. Apart from movies, the company also streams TV shows, live sporting events and such. There is a good number of English movies on offer too. Paid members have access to even recent hits as well and have on offer a huge and varied content, thereby allowing for a complete entertainment solution.