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Telegram now allows users to edit sent messages

Telegram has introduced a new feature that allows users to edit their messages even after having sent them.

The cool new feature can be availed of across all chats, be it a group or individual conversations on Telegram.

Users just have to press and hold on to the message they wish to edit followed by taping on the ‘Edit’ menu that appears. The same on a desktop can be achieved by clicking on the up arrow button. Messages so edited can be distinguished from other messages in that the former will carry a small ‘edited’ label that will be visible to all. However, there is no way one can make out what the previous text was, which again might have been appreciated by the forgetful types.

Meanwhile, such an editing feature is nowhere to seen among the other mainstream messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. However, the credit for being the first to introduce editing feature for even sent messages is perhaps deserving to BlackBerry Messenger.

That is not all as the WhatsApp rival also introduced several more features to add to user’s convenience. For instance, ‘Mentioning’ has been enhanced in that users now can mention other people in group which will send them an intimation even they have muted the group. Further, even those who lack a username can also be mentioned in a group by prefixing the ‘@’ symbol before their name.

Then there is also a new ‘People’ list which contains a list of the most recent people that users have communicated with.

Also, with bots fast emerging as the preferred mode for companies to rollout better and more efficient services, Telegram too has quite a bit to share on this. Adding bots has been made a breeze as users just have to tap on the attachment icon which will launch the list of bots currently available. The bots that are used most often feature high up on the list while the opposite applies to the least used bots.

Overall, Telegram now has quite a bit to offer, maybe even more than even WhatsApp, the world’s most used messaging app.

Telegram had also been offering end-to-end encryption much before than WhatsApp has introduced the same. Perhaps this should explain the 350,000 new users that sign up for Telegram every day. The app also boasts of 100 million active monthly users while delivering 15 billion messages every day.