Home Technology iPhone 7 latest rumor claims dual lens camera for the top-end model

iPhone 7 latest rumor claims dual lens camera for the top-end model

Another set of new iPhone 7 rumors have surfaced online, which is hardly surprising considering the new iPhone is due out just this fall. Also, as has been with the most recent rumors on this, the latest also owes its origins to the Chinese repair shop Rock Fix.

The latest rumor is however centered on a leaked image depicting the rear of the iPhone 7. And needless to say, it is the twin lens camera setup that happens to be the star feature here. As is evident from the leaked images, the dual camera setup that mimics the shape of a pill seems to house a larger CMOS sensor that should aid in low-light photography. That has been the focus with almost all flagship mobiles off late and it’s good to see Apple too being up to it.

Another point to note with the latest leak is the presence of a tiny hole in between the dual camera and the flash. Of course, it is not known for sure what its exact purpose is though chances are that it might be the mic opening. Nowhereelse.fr too claims it could be some sort of a sensor but is not sure of the specifics.

The dual lens camera will, however, be exclusive to the bigger iPhone 7 Plus variant with the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 continuing with the conventional single lens camera. The best that the base iPhone 7 might still be getting is a bigger and better lens along with better software support.

The latest rumors have also revealed conflicting reports so far as the headphone jack is concerned. While there has been no dearth of reports how Apple detests the idea of keeping a single purpose 3.5mm headphone jack, recent leaks, however, reveal the ubiquitous 3.5mm port might still be there on the iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7: 3.5mm jack stays alongside dual SIM & dual lens camera

Experts though opine that might be applicable to the base 4.7-inch iPhone 7 with the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus depending on the Lightning Port for connecting to a headphone. A leak believed to be that of the iPhone 7 chassis too corroborates the above thought process.

Among other rumors, the next iPhone variant will have dual sim support, a first with an iPhone version so far. This should put the iPhone 7 in better stead against its competitors almost all of which feature dual sim support.

Rock Fix had earlier suggested the bigger iPhone 7 Plus will come with a 256 GB memory option, which again will be a first on an iPhone device.