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Evernote subscription rates for Plus and Premium users jacked up

The popular note-taking app Evernote is going for a revamped pricing structure which entails paying more for having the same features, the company revealed in a blog post.

The restructuring starts with the Basic plan itself which continues to be free but has now been restricted to just two devices. That would apply to any device types, which mean a computer and a mobile at the most, or two mobiles, or a mobile and a tablet. Evernote though has stated the passcode lock on the mobile app which used to be a paid feature will now be available on the Basic tier as well.

While that should still serve as a nice hook to get started with Evernote, things can be a bit tricky here onwards. That is due to the $1 increase in the monthly subscription rates which now stands at $3.99. Those looking for discounts can opt for the 27 percent saving that the yearly subscription allows for, which comes to $34.99 a year. The yearly fee for the Plus members used to be $24.99 previously and $2.99 a month. Benefits continue to be much the same, which includes the ability to sync across any number of devices along with a 1 GB storage space for storing all projects.

Then there is the Evernote Premium that is priced $7.99 every month or $69.99 on a yearly basis, the latter still allowing for savings of 27 percent. Users have the full benefit of Evernote here, which includes its pledge to offer a complete paperless solution to daily needs. Premium subscribers are also entitled to 10 GB of space every month to store all their projects or other essential data.

The hike is steeper though for Premium users considering it used to cost $49.99 a year or $5.99 a month.

Evernote justified the price hike claiming they need to invest in manpower and other resources in developing Evernote as they have envisioned it.

Evernote further stated they opted for increasing the subscription rates as they detest the other usual money making practice of carrying ads or selling user data to data mining companies.
The changes are applicable to new users right away but existing members will be intimated via email about the changes and will have time to adjust to the new order.