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Google Maps for Android, iOS will soon work on just Wi-Fi

If reports are to be believed, Google Maps’ mobile apps will soon work only on Wi-Fi. As pointed out by Android Police, the company has started introducing several new functionalities to Google Maps i.e. new data-saving Wi-Fi mode as well as alerts for transit delays.

Many smartphone users rely heavily on cellular data. In spite of variations in terms of policies across different carriers, customers either end up exceeding data limit or using the service at reduced speed.

The Wi-Fi only option is accessible under ‘Settings.’ There you will find an option titled ‘Wi-Fi only.’ Earlier, it used to be ‘offline areas,’ which has now been replaced by ‘Wi-Fi only.’

Selecting the option will prevent Google Maps from eating into your cellular data and instead get onto the configuration screen when it comes to dealing with offline areas.

Upon enabling Wi-Fi only option for the first time, Google Maps application will consume some amount of data. However, an indication appears at the top of the screen unless you do not turn the mode off, again.

Google will also roll out customizable notifications in order to indicate mass transit delays. Android Police demonstrates a configuration screen in its story that is used to enable those alerts.

Google is yet to roll out these changes officially. However, in the event that you are looking to test these features out without a wait, you can do it via sideloading.

As Google has not even commented anything on this, it remains to be seen how different is ‘Wi-Fi only mode’ to earlier ‘Offline areas’ option. However, the changes are expected to be rolled out with some added advantages.

As of now, there is no precise information on Maps for iOS app. As the matter of fact, if Google starts rolling the new updates out on Android, it will likewise make those features available on its iOS counterpart sooner or later.