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How drones are being used to reseed forests?

Since the need for resources is rising, what matters the most is that even the forests should have planned plantations. There are many novel solutions being used these days. Just like there is too much demand for AI and AI detector pro in the field of graphics and e-commerce, similarly, the agricultural world has started depending more on Drone seeding.

What is drone seeding?

The drones are sent to target seeds on the forests. There have been some success stories that show that the plantations started coming up once the harvesting season came. But again, there are challenges in this method. You will see that not all the plants will grow, not all the seeds will be productive and there would not be cent percent results.

The survival rate of the seed might be around 20 percent. But some seeds get tarnished or damaged or are eaten away by the squirrels or other insects. Initially there were helicopters used for these projects. But then drones came into picture.

While drone seeding is done, the seed will be encased inside soil and some nutritious material. This thing will enhance the scope of seed becoming successful in becoming a plant.

Drones are being used to reseed forests

Here’s how drone seeding takes place.

  • In the first step the drone is sent to the specific area to take the pictures and 3F maps of the location. The area that has to be covered will provide an idea about how many drones will be needed in the process.
  • Once the terrain is checked there will be an idea about seeding pattern. You will get an idea that how you have to seed the area because then only you will get viable results.
  • The seed pods are created and are sent on the ground via drones. The speed and the height is all measured and it is expected that on hitting the ground the pod should break. With this thing, there will be proper idea about what results you will be getting on the final note.
  • Planting by hands is a good approach. But the places which are quite far and not reachable, like forests, at these places, it will be better to use drone seeding

Forest seeding is also good for the environment

While many forests are being cut, what matters the most is how this innovative thing can bring about a positive impact on the climatic conditions. In the long term, there will be better solutions. If these forests got dried up or there were forest fires then there would be nothing left. Rather, when these seed pods are sent, there is a way the land will be used effectively. This is how things are going to be in the better position.

Conclusion: Times have changed and one should walk hand in hand with the developments. With the need for more resources, drone seeding seems to be one of the functional and progressive actions which is taking things in the better position.