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Some Google Pixel 7 Pro phones have their volume buttons falling off

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are among the top smartphones released by the company in recent years. Both offer notable improvements over the Pixel 6 series in various areas that allow for an enhanced user experience. However, like any other Pixel device, the Pixel 7 also has its share of peculiarities. In December 2022, reports emerged of the rear camera glass spontaneously breaking on some Pixel 7 units. And now, some Pixel 7 Pro owners have reported an issue with their volume buttons falling off unexpectedly, the last thing users would ever expect out of a flagship smartphone.

This issue has only been reported by a few users of the larger Pixel 7 Pro and has occurred over the last several months. The reason behind the volume button falling off randomly without any visible signs of physical damage is currently unknown. It is also uncertain why this problem is exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro and does not affect the smaller Pixel 7. The issue was initially reported by Nick Sutrich of Android Central, who experienced the volume button falling off on his Pixel 7 Pro. Since then, there have been numerous complaints from other Pixel 7 Pro users on Reddit and Google’s support forums over the last several months.

Some Pixel 7 Pro owners who were affected by the issue managed to temporarily fix it by popping the volume button back in place, but it remained loose and at risk of falling off again. Others were not able to resolve the issue, reporting that the volume button wouldn’t stay in place no matter how hard they tried. Some users who got in touch with Google support for help said the company declined to fix the issue under warranty, even though there were no indications of hardware damage.

Currently, the issue of the volume button falling off the Pixel 7 Pro is not widespread, but it is possible that more reports may emerge in the future. To help protect the volume button, it may be a good idea to consider using a case if you are currently using your Pixel without a case. There are some really nice Pixel 7 Pro cases available and it would be a good idea to have one for your phone just in case the volume rocker button, or who knows something else starts falling off.

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