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iPhone 8 Rumour Roundup: 10th Generation iPhone might be special

The iPhone 7 is already here, which means the stage is set for the launch of the 10th generation of the Apple smartphone. And, as is usual chore that precedes the launch of every new edition of the iPhone, rumours and speculations have already started to fly around thick and fast.

Maybe everyone is a bit more enthusiastic this time round. That again is understandable given that it will be the 10th gen iPhone. And if you too are eager for a sneak peek of what’s in store for the next iPhone, read on.

However, before embarking on the future, let’s first recapture what the present looks like. Apple has again delivered a mighty punch with the iPhone 7 even though many had thought it would be a bleak affair. Performance is top notch; the camera is excellent while battery can be considered to be more than enough. And as with all things Apple, build quality is excellent too.

So what’s a certainty is that the next iPhone will not only build on this but will no doubt be a revolutionary development for the iPhone 7. As such a completely new design approach can’t be ruled out though it is anybody’s guess what the new iPhone will look like.

However, the past few iterations of the iPhone can’t serve any indications either given that those haven’t been too innovative either. Apart from sharp-edged design, the only design change we have seen with the iPhone’s looks has been the rounded edges. So it will be interesting to see what the next iPhone will look like.

Design: That said, a few key design changes are being associated with the next iPhone version. Those include a bezel-less display while the iconic home button too might be scrapped. Both will no doubt provide a whole new look to the iPhone what with the front entirely dominated with an uninterrupted stretch of glass.

The iPhone range over the years has seen its size, looks and shape being tinkered with but not the home button. No matter what the iPhone looked like, the home button seemed immune to every such design makeover. Not anymore. And to attempt something this different is quite befitting a device that has reached such an important milestone.

Display: Also while still on display, the chances are that Apple might go in for an AMOLED screen for the new iPhone, and maybe a curved one at that too. The current crop if iPhone makes do with an LCD screen and it would no doubt be a nice development once OLED comes into the picture.

Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu has even mentioned it is going to be OLED displays for the next iPhone though Apple is yet to confirm it. A sapphire display would have been nice too as has been rumoured earlier though that would have also pushed up the price of the iPhone considerably.

Camera: Dual rear cameras are already in vogue, and it is almost a certainty Apple would be jumping on to the bandwagon. True they are already there on the 7 Plus though this time it might be made standard across the range. Having twin rear cameras also opens up whole new opportunities given that those allow for 3D recording besides supporting advanced ideas such as augmented reality and so on.

Wireless charging: It is another feature that already is an industry standard. Reason why Apple continued to rely on wired mode of charging while opting to do away with the ubiquitous 3.5 mm jack beats any reasonable explanation. Maybe the anomaly, if it can be so considered will be set right with the new iPhone which will usher in an era of wireless charging for Apple. The wireless AirPods headphone already does that, and it sure is a nice feature.

Color options: Apple has already struck gold with the jet black iPhone 7 which is already selling at a $100 premium over the other versions. The gold colour options too was equally popular, and chances are that the Cupertino company might be looking at a more expansive colour palette this time.

Among the colour options that are rumoured to adorn the next iPhone is red; more so given Apple already has reaffirmed its support for the pro-AIDS charity by the same name. The colourful iPhone 5C lineup can be a pointer of what to look forward to though a few surprises here can’t be ruled out either.