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5 Best Android phones 2016: Which should you buy?

It has been quite an eventful year so far as smartphones are concerned. We have perhaps seen it all, from smartphones reaching the zenith of success which however wasn’t too unexpected to just the opposite which has taken everyone by surprise.

While the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has performed well, which again has been quite along expected lines, it is the huge Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that has been the biggest debacle of the year, a parallel of which is unheard of in recent memory.

Mentioned here are some of the best smartphone devices that have come our way in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge:

The S7 and S7 Edge had been off to a great start earlier this year and though its momentum might have been dented to some extent at least owing to the Note 7 fiasco, it continues to be an excellent smartphone device. Of the two, it is the Note 7 Edge with its unique curved edges that developed a greater fan following.

Beyond the looks, the S7 range delivered on performance and functionality. The display is as crisp as it can be while the camera too delivered stunning shots. Battery life is great too. Overall, the S7 duo can easily be one of the best Android flagbearer of the year.

Google Pixel/Pixel XL:

Gone are the days when Google would team up with an established manufacturer to produce a new iteration of Nexus handset. Instead, it created its own dream mobile, the Pixel, and Pixel XL.

The Pixel duo is designed to offer the best of what its Android platform has to offer while also matchup to the best across all genres of smartphones, be it the iPhone 7/7 Plus or the S7/S7 Edge. And it does that exceedingly well.

Performance is top notch and so is the display. Special mention must also be made of the camera which is at par with those of the latest iPhone or the S7 series, much of it again owes it to the software that the camera relies on. This allows for stupendous shots both in low-light or well-lit conditions.

Unfortunately, the Pixel experience has also been marred by a few software hiccups though those can’t really dent all the positive feel-good experience that the Pixel series allows for.

OnePlus 3:

The OnePlus 3 continues with the company ethos of offering flagship experience but at mid-range prices. So here is one smartphone that impresses with almost the same levels of performance but at just about half of what flagship devices usually cost.

The other plus points with the OnePlus 3 is its camera and battery, both of which are flagship stuff, it must be said. In fact, the Chinese start-up ensured the best Android handsets of the year do not always have to do with flagship devices with the typically high price tags. So for those who want the best but can’t afford the S7 or the Pixels, there is always the OnePlus 3.

Huawei Honor 8:

The Honor 8 from Huawei is another example of the typical Chinese mindset of tapping into the markets of established players by offering more for less money. The Honor 8 does that job quite well enough, coming as it does as a decent package offering good performance and a crisp display.

The other likeable aspects of the Honor 8 include a fingerprint sensor as well as the rear dual camera, both of which are a novelty in the entry-level mid-range segment that it operates in. However, the one aspect that mars the overall good feeling with the Honor 8 is its below-par battery life.

Moto Z Force Droid:

The new Moto Z range marks a new chapter for the Motorola branded handsets as it reinvents itself again under Lenovo. Towards that, the new Moto Z Force Droid is a further extension of the range and comes across as a more ruggedized version of the same with the display being almost indestructible.

Another area where the Moto Z Force Droid excels in is its excellent battery life. Besides, there are a whole lot of accessories that the handset is compatible with and can enhance its functionality. The modular accessories are easy to attach as well.

Unfortunately, Force Droid is a bit bulky as well compared to the sleek and svelte Moto Z, besides being overpriced too.

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