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Tesla Model 3 hacked at Pwn2Own Whitehat hackers conference

Tesla’s security system was hacked during the Pwn2Own conference, resulting in the hackers winning $100,000 and the compromised Model 3. Despite this setback, Tesla has been dedicated to cybersecurity and has been collaborating closely with ethical hackers in recent years. As part of this effort, Tesla has participated in the Pwn2Own hacking competition by offering generous prizes and access to its electric cars for hacking attempts. By investing in cybersecurity and fostering relationships with Whitehat hackers, Tesla aims to stay ahead of potential security threats and ensure the safety of its customers and their vehicles.

For the past few years, hacking Tesla vehicles has become a regular occurrence at hacking conferences, including the Pwn2Own event. Zero Day Initiative, the organization responsible for organizing the Pwn2Own competition, confirmed that this year’s event was no different, as the Tesla Model 3 brought to the competition was successfully hacked.

According to Synacktiv, they were able to gain root access to Tesla’s system and reportedly claimed to have complete control over the entire car. However, it’s worth noting that these types of hacks are performed by Whitehat hackers and the findings are always shared with the companies to help them improve the security of their products.

Tesla has been investing heavily in cybersecurity over the years. The company has a bug bounty program that encourages Whitehat hackers to report vulnerabilities and bugs that they find in Tesla’s products. Tesla has also been participating in various hacking competitions such as Pwn2Own, where it offers large prizes for successful hacks. Additionally, Tesla has a dedicated team of security researchers who work to identify and address potential security issues in its products.