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Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S, starting $999

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is finally here in all its official glory even though we have had a sneak peek of it a day prior to the launch. However, we have the full details of the new Surface variant now, and from what seems evident, the competition should have every reason to be worried.

Much of what we have known of the Surface Laptop thanks to the pre-launch leak stands to be true. So there indeed is the 13.3-inch PixelSense display having an aspect ratio of 3:2. It is a full HD screen and is compatible with the Surface Pen.

That latter bit should be a boon to the academia class at which the device is primarily aimed at. So anyone looking to jot down a few quick notes will have it easy. The Surface Pen though isn’t included in the package and need to be sourced extra.

Powering the device is either a seventh gen Core i5 or Core i7 chip that would be working in tandem with a 4 GB RAM. However, there are options for more memory should you need to perform intensive tasks. On offer are 8 GB and 16 GB variants as well.

The same also applies to native storage, with the default being 128 GB though 256 GB and 512 GB of SSD memory versions can also be availed of.

Prices start at $999 for the base version with Core i5 chip, 4 GB of RAM along with 128 GB of SSD storage. The only other Core i5 version with a higher 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage would costs $1,299.


The more powerful Core i7 variant with the same 8 GB of RAM along with 256 GB of storage would costs $1,599. Similarly, the most powerful avatar of the Surface Laptop variant with Core i7 chip, 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of storage would set one back a cool $2,199.

With those specs, Microsoft is claiming the new Surface Laptop will be 50 percent faster than the i7 MacBook Pro. Battery life quoted is also a respectable 14.5 hours.

The keyboard, as has already been revealed, will be done up in Alcantara, as is the case with the Surface Pro 4 keypad. Each backlit keys allows for 1.5mm of travel, thereby allowing for convenient typing experience.

Interestingly, the speaker is accommodated underneath the keypad, which means the sound would be emanating from under your fingers. Microsoft described those as ‘Omnisonic Speakers provide Dolby Audio Premium sound’ in its product specification page.

The laptop, as such, is devoid of any holes or grilles and comes integrated with integrated vapor chambers. Those, in turn, ensure the device remains cool even under heavy usage.


The other important aspect of the Surface Laptop is its operating system, which Microsoft described as the cloud-optimized version of Windows 10 named Windows 10S. That again ensure the device would only be capable of running apps from the Windows Store. However, you can always circumvent that by upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

As for the looks of it, the Surface Laptop is sleek and sexy, attributes that gets enhanced all the more thanks to the striking colors options that is comes with. Those include platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, and graphite gold.

Pre-orders starts now with the shipping date pegged at June 15.