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Amazon and Apple bonhomie is back, Prime Video app set for Apple TV debut

Apple and Amazon seem to be cozying up which means its good times for fans of either camp to warm up to the other’s product or services.

While a formal announcement on this is expected during the upcoming Apple WWDC meet in June, rumor has it that a dedicated Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV will be announced during the event.

John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed first broke the news also claimed the Amazon Prime Video app could arrive on tvOS as soon as this summer itself. Paczkowski though also stated the launch schedule can change as well to allow for last minute adjustments.

Amazon, in turn, will be returning the favor by hosting Apple TV on its retail network. Apple TV used to be available on Amazon.com, as did the Google Chromecast. However, both were pulled from the Amazon site in October 2015 due to incompatibility issues with Amazon Prime Video.

However, it is not known how those issues have been sorted out, or if there are any financial arrangements made. While Amazon stopped selling Apple TV or Google Chromecast, its own Fire TV that competes with both continued to be freely available on what inarguably is the world’s largest retail chain.

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos had also stated any prospects of Fire TV competitors being sold via the Amazon retail channel would need to be compensated monetarily. Maybe Apple paid back by allowing Amazon to host its Prime Video app on Apple TV.

That again makes for a lucrative offer given that Amazon has been the only major streaming service provider that has been absent on Apple TV. Fans so far had to watch Amazon Prime shows using the Prime Video app for iOS.

And there are enough reasons to vie for Amazon Prime Video that has such exclusive titles as Transparent or Manchester by the Sea to its credit. Transparent had won an Emmy in 2015 while the film Manchester by the Sea has won an Oscar each in the category of Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.