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ARM unveils new AI and VR ready chips – A75, A55 and G72 GPU

Mobile chip maker ARM has unveiled its new generation processors designed to tap the emerging segments of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

The British chipmaker said its Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 processors, together with the new Mali-G72 GPU are tailors made to suit the ever-changing requirements of the computing industry where the future computers are envisioned to have more human-like thinking abilities.

The ARM Cortex-A75 will serve as the new flagship processor with a claimed 22 percent performance improvement over A-73. Similarly, the A-55 is said to offer the best performance in the mid-range chip segment. The chipmaker is also claiming the new Mali-G72 GPU will have a 25 percent increase in performance over its predecessor, the G71. The new G71 will also form the core of the company’s push to achieve higher machine learning efficiency.

Elaborating further on the company’s latest top-end A75 chip, ARM said the processor offers a 16 percent improvement in its memory throughput while Geekbench score shows an improvement of 34 percent. The ARM Marketing Chief John Ronco attributed the increase in performance to improvements introduced in the instructions-per-clock efficiency.

ARM said the new A75 will find application in high-end computing environments such as autonomous cars, mega infrastructure projects and such, not to mention high-end PC and mobile devices.

Coming to the new Mali-G72, apart from the 25 percent increase in its performance over its predecessor, the new G72 also boasts of 20 percent increase in its performance density. The new G72 also offers 17 percent increase in its ML benchmark score over the G71.

Apart from the bump in performance which can be considered an evolutionary development over the existing chips, ARM is also hyping its new chips conform to DynamIQ big.LITTLE technology.

This essentially allows chip vendors to develop custom chips comprising of the desired number of small and big CPUs to suit their specific processing requirements.

Such a cluster will still have a max capability to hold eight CPUs in total. However, chip makers will have the liberty to design chips that they believe can allow for the best possible configuration for optimum battery usage while delivering class-leading performance.

ARM stated that the blueprints for the new chip and GPU have already been made available to the chip makers by end 2016. However, new devices incorporating the latest chip architecture are expected to arrive only around early 2018.