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OnePlus 5 camera shot teased, referral program is back

There is a new aspect of the upcoming OnePlus 5 device that has got teased and it has taken the tech world by storm. It is a sample shot taken with the OnePlus 5 primary camera that the makers of the device have teased online.

The Chinese company had earlier announced they have tied up with DxO Labs to ensure the camera on the upcoming OnePlus 5 performs better than its adversaries. And from what seems evident, the partnership seems to have been well worth it.

The company, in fact, released a set of two images, asking its fans to make a pick as to which image they believe has been shot using the OnePlus 5. That is easier said than done though from the image leaked, the clarity is commendable, particularly that of the one on the right.

Some have opined both could have been shot using the OnePlus rear cam, with each characterized by the use of a special filter. Rumor has it that the upcoming OnePlus flagship will sport a twin rear camera though the specific details of the same remains obscure at the moment.

The rest of the OnePlus 5 specification is, however, familiar stuff, and quite matches every other flagship device we have come across so far. That includes a Snapdragon 835 chip coupled to a class leading 8 GB of RAM.

It will offer 256 GB of native storage and will include a 5.5-inch 2560 X 1440 pixel AMOLED display.

A 3580 mAh battery too is being associated with the OnePlus 5. However, it remains to be seen if the upcoming flagship conforms to the current design trend that calls for minimum bezels all round.

Meanwhile, in another development, the company has stated they are restarting the referral program that used to be the hall mark of its marketing policy since its inception. As per the details currently available, OnePlus 5 buyers will receive a referral code, which they can pass on to their acquaintances and will lead to a discount of $30 on accessories.

Similarly, the buyers too are awarded points each time their codes are used up. They can use the same towards purchasing accessories. When OnePlus had started off, they sold their phones exclusively via references. As such, one needed to have a referral code in order to procure the device. Fortunately, the program was discontinued soon thereafter so that the OnePlus handsets came to be easily available via retail channels.

Let’s hope that continues even though the referral scheme is back in place.