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Facebook Messenger now supports game playing during video calls

Facebook has introduced multiplayer games to the video call feature in Messenger, enabling users to chat with their friends and family while playing games. This feature is accessible on Messenger for iOS, Android, and the web, without any specialized downloads required. The games, ranging from classic favorites like Words With Friends to newer titles like Exploding Kittens and Card Wars, are designed for two or more players, with each game featuring varying maximum player numbers.

The Messenger-enabled games feature has been optimized for each game, with easily visible leaderboards and a user interface that makes use of the Messenger experience. Most of the games available on Messenger’s video call feature are designed for two players, though some support a varying number of players. To access the games, users can initiate a video call on Messenger and tap the group mode button to enter the Play menu. From there, they can browse through the games library and select a game of their choice.

However, users may need to grant certain permissions to the selected game before playing. It’s worth noting that the optimal browser for using this feature on the web is Chrome. Facebook Gaming has also announced that more games will be added to the platform later this year, and developers can contact their Partner Manager for details on adding games to the platform. While Facebook has been testing Messenger-enabled games for a few years, none have really gained traction, so it remains to be seen if this new feature will be successful.

This new feature is designed to create shared experiences and connections among friends and family. The games are optimized for the service, with leaderboards and user interfaces that leverage the Messenger experience. While Facebook Gaming has stated that more free games will be added later this year, for now, only 14 free-to-play games are available. Facebook is encouraging interested developers to reach out to their Partner Manager to learn how to add games to the platform. This announcement comes after the closure of the standalone Facebook Gaming app a few months ago.