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Apple to announce five new MacBook, iPad Pro during WWDC event

Apple seems poised to launch at least five new Mac devices during its upcoming WWDC event, going by the regulatory filing in the Eurasian Economic Commission database that mention many devices has been added to the list.

The credit for the above discovery goes to the French site Consomac, however, found the devices identified by only their model names – A1289, A1347, A1418, A1419, and A1481. All of the devices run macOS Sierra and are speculated to be the new 13-inch and 15-inch versions of the MacBook Pros. Then there also is the 12-inch MacBook while an upgraded MacBook Air too is included in the mix.

However, as Macrumors speculated, the above model numbers lack the AXX prefix that the present MacBook model sport. That means there is no way we can be sure the above-mentioned model numbers indeed point to new Mac devices unless Apple makes an official announcement on the same.

Meanwhile, among the numbers that have come to the fore, experts opine a new wireless keyboard bearing the model number A1843 could also be in the offing. Similarly, model numbers associated with iOS 10 could be an indication of the new iPad Pro too being up for launch during the Apple June event. The four model numbers that are being linked to a possible launch of the iPad Pro include A1289, A1347, A1418, A1419, and A1481.

A new wireless keyboard with the model number model A1843 too is speculated to be launched during the event. Microsoft has recent been successful in bringing the humble keyboard to the spotlight thanks to its Alcantara build. It remains to be seen if Apple too is keen to match that with something similar.

The annual Apple developer’s conference is scheduled to begin on June 5 and run through June 9. Typically, it happens to be a software related event where Apple get to interact with its developer’s community. Further, new releases of its key platform, namely iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS are the usual fare.

The same also applies to this year’s WWDC event with new versions of its operating systems expected to be announced. However, there also have been instances in the past when Apple chose the occasion to launch new hardware during the event. This year is likely to be special as there are chances of not only five new MacBook devices to be announced but also an upgraded new iPad Pro as well.

The urgency, if it can be so said, is also understandable considering the slew of new launches that Microsoft made in the past few weeks. Those include the Surface Laptop as well as the new Surface Pro, both featuring Kaby Lake chips. Its only natural for Apple too to adopt the latest Kaby Lake processors to power its latest MacBook models that otherwise had an upgrade due for some time already.