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Sony’s biggest announcements at E3 2017

The Sony press conference at the E3 is always a power-packed event. And this year too it was no exception. Sure the company didn’t have any new hardware to show off, something that can be termed a glaring omission in light of Microsoft’s grand unveiling of the Xbox One X.

That said, the company more than made up for that with what perhaps matters most, exclusive games titles. You have all the hardware firepower you need but those also need to be backed up by adequate games. And having exclusive titles puts you in a different plane altogether.

Here are some of the most important announcements Sony made at the E3 conference.

PlayLink: Sony is toying with the idea of making your smartphones act as controllers. That way, multiple players will be able to play a game via what Sony is referring to as the PlayLink. The games need to be compatible though and the list of titles that allows for such gaming experience includes the likes of Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power, Frantics, SingStar Celebration and That’s You.

PlayStation Experience: The PlayStation Experience will be back to the Anaheim Conventions Center. The dates are December 9 and 10. So if you wish to join the party, makes sure you are there on the above mentioned days.

Thereafter, Sony provided some insight into the more exciting games coming our way.

Spider-Man: Topping that list is of course Spider-Man. That the looks are stunning will be an understatement. The brief video that Sony put up showed of our good old Spider-Man doing what he does best, jumping around buildings, casting a web around the bad guys and saving the good ones.

Shadow of the Colossus: The yesteryear classic which traces its roots back to when the PlayStation 2 was calling the shots will be getting an HD makeover and make its PS4 debut next year.

God of War: The next iteration of God of War will see Atreus, Kratos’ son making his debut. The game in its new avatar will also focus on the Norse mythology and will have the usual dose of heavy action with gory acts to inundate you with. The game is set for an early-2018 release.

Days Gone: It is a zombie game and the trailer that Sony showed off revealed the usual horde of zombies though players now have more innovative means of using them to their advantage.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: It is another iteration in the Uncharted series all right though what makes The Lost Legacy different is that treasure hunter Chloe Frazer and mercenary Nadine Ross does not seem to go off with each other rather well.

PlayStation VR: Sony also showed off a series of VR game titles that are coming our way. Those include Final Fantasy 15, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Bravo Team, and adventure game Starchild, Superhot VR and Moss. Also, not to be missed, Sony has the PlayStation 5 lined up for launch next year.