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Nokia-Zeiss teams up to take smartphone photography to newer heights

The Nokia-Zeiss partnership is reborn again and it should only be good news for the shutterbugs and fans of the Nokia brand. Technically, it is HMD Global that the optics giant Zeiss is teaming up with though the result will obviously be there to be seen on future Nokia handsets. The Finnish firm currently owns the license to use the Nokia brand name for a 10-year period.

Coming to the terms of the deal, unfortunately, there isn’t much that is known at the moment except that dual lens cameras has proved to be of interest to both the partners. That makes it quite safe to assume the future Nokia branded flagship to feature dual lens cams at the rear.

That apart, the video is another area that the collaborating firms are likely to be devoting a lot of attention to. Almost all current flagship smartphones boasts of 4K quality video recording capability with acceptable performance in low light areas. However, with optics major Zeiss in the fray, things are expected to be even more exciting in future Nokia handsets, it must be said.

That is not all as AR could be the other area that too will no doubt be delved in significant detail. Both VR and AR happen to be the hot new emerging segments with immense potential in the field of entertainment and gaming.

The other aspect of the deal that has come to be known is that the partners will be collaborating on the entire spectrum of smartphone photography. That includes the actual lenses, sensors, software and so on. Though not confirmed the first handset featuring a Zeiss lens could be here before the end of this year itself.


As of now, HMD Global has on offered the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in the smartphone genre along with the Nokia 3310 in the feature phone segment. That allows for plenty of growth options with newer handset models both below the Nokia 3 and above Nokia 6, something that HMD Global too has no qualms in admitting. And with smartphone makers identifying camera as a key driver of growth, it also is good to see HMD Global hitting the right path in its quest for greater smartphone glory.