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LG sending invites for V30 launch on August 31

LG is sending out invites for an event planned on Aug 31, with the media putting their bets on it being the launch event of the company’s new flagship, the V30.

As per the invitation, proceedings start at 9 in the morning, which also is just a day prior to the IFA 2017 kicking off in Berlin, Germany. The schedule is still intriguing as LG has never had an unpacking event staged during the IFA.

That said, it is always exciting to know of a major new smartphone coming our way. The huge ‘V’ symbol that the device in the invitation is seen carrying is perhaps the clearest sign of the upcoming smartphone being of the ‘V’ series.

The image also carries a strong hint of the upcoming handset sporting an aspect ratio of 2:1. That is understandable considering that the LG’s current flagship in the ‘G’ series already sport a similar display. Plus, the South Korean manufacturer has earlier made it known they have a couple of handsets in the pipeline having the 2:1 aspect ratio.

Recent reports pertaining to the Google Pixel 2 XL too had mentioned the same 2:1 aspect ratio. All of this is an indication of the longish displays likely to be the norm for Android handsets, at least for the foreseeable future.

Coming back to the V30, there isn’t a whole lot of information currently available though there obviously are a few trends that are hard to miss. For instance, it would be safe to assume the V30 will be built around the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Given the timing also is in close vicinity of another mega launch, that of Note 8, it is almost certain there will be no dearth of high-end features. Then again, the V series has always been generous on this front, with previous models boasting of such stuff like top-end DAC audio and such.

Also, of course, there would be the dual rear cam though it’s likely to sit flush with the rear case this time as against the slight bulge that the G6 carries. The mid-range Q6 already sports such a finish and it is likely the same would be adopted on the top-end V30 as well.

That said, a few of the trademark features of the V series could be missing on the latest iteration. That includes the secondary display and removable battery. Still, the V30 will come to symbolize LG’s capability to offer a cutting-edge flagship smartphone and we sure can’t wait to lay our hands on one.