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10 ways the new Apple iPhone X will change your life

It is not every day that you come across a phone like the iPhone X. And it is not every day you come across something that goes on to have a lasting impact on you. The first iPhone launched in 2007 was one such device, and the iPhone X launched a decade later continues with the trend. The phone is feature loaded, and many of those have the potential to set new industry standards, for the others to follow. Mentioned here are 10 such features.

1. Face ID: Unlocking your phone with an act as spontaneous as merely looking at it, maybe it was best suited for Apple to come up with the idea than anyone else. It also befits their status of being the one that popularized the concept of smartphones in the first place. So the company that taught us to touch our devices to unlock them has made things a bit more simple, as we need to just look at it to do the same. And the feature is being claimed to be far more secure than Touch ID.

2. Animoji: While most others kept themselves confined to launching more interesting emoji, Apple changed the rules of the game once and for all by introducing animated emoji, or animoji in Apple-speak. Also, Apple being Apple, it didn’t stop at that but introduced a healthy dose of augmented reality into the mix. The result is a more fun and exciting ways to chat using animoji where the cartoon characters would be emulating the same expressions as yours. Interestingly, the same hardware that supports FaceID also powers animoji as well.


3. Missing home button: The years of using an iPhone has inculcated deep within you the habit of hitting the home button every time you wished to establish order when faced with a chaos. Well, the iPhone X misses out on the famous home button. Instead, there is a bar along the bottom and swiping up on that will land you back on the home page. So there is some getting-used-to that you will need to go through with the new iPhone X.

4. Selfie: If you are a selfie lover, iPhone X will change the way, you capture snaps. There might be no dearth of selfie focused smartphones out in the wild, but none offer as advanced a feature set as the iPhone X. And prime among them is the new portrait mode where you get to blur the background and focus only on the subject’s face.

5. Photography: With the new iPhone X, you can finally ditch your bulky DSLR. For the rear dual, 12-megapixel lenses can provide you superb shots even in adverse lighting condition. Backed with new software features, you perhaps never had it this good with a smartphone camera ever before.

6. Edge-to-edge display: For the first time, the iPhone X comes with an OLED panel, all 5.8-inches of it lit up by 2436 x 1125 pixels. And it stretches all the way to the edges on all sides, which means viewing photos or watching videos is something that you will fall in love doing on the iPhone X all over again. Edge to Edge display will soon become a norm in smartphone industry. It gives you more space on the screen to carry out day to day task easily.

7. Better security: No other iPhone, or perhaps any other phone is nowhere near as secure as the iPhone X is. So with someone else taking care of the security of your data and info, we often tend to lower our own personal guard. Doing so as long as you are with the iPhone X is OK but trusting every other device believing to be as secure as the iPhone X can prove costly.

8. Wireless world: It is hard to believe a feature as mainstream as wireless charging has taken this long to make it to an iPhone. And when it does, it does in style in typical Apple fashion. The charging pad that Apple said will be made by 3rd party manufacturers will be able to charge all of your Apple wares such as the iPhone X, Apple Watch and AirPods all at once. Now, you don’t have to plug the cable again n again.

9. Power button with new functions: The humble power button on the side that you so far used to sleep/wake, power on/off the iPhone has just got its role enhanced in the new iPhone X. So a long press will launch Siri while a double press will invoke Apple Pay. However, this will increase in accidental invoking of Siri or Apple Pay in pockets.

10. Travel assistant: The new iPhone X isn’t just about beauty, but also about the ruggedness of almost equal measure. So come rain, hail or storm, the iPhone X will be by your side all through thanks to its IP67 levels of water protection. All in all, you can carry it anywhere.