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Apple iPhone X: Specifications, Price, Availability & Pre-order

So here finally is the moment and the phone that we have all been waiting for, something that Apple too said they have been dreaming to make for the last decade. Also, just as the first iPhone started a whole new trend ten years ago, Apple said history is being repeated again as they believe the new iPhone X will start another new trend for the entire smartphone industry to emulate moving forward for here.

However, so much for a device as landmark as the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten and not the alphabet X) there is precious little that we aren’t already aware of it. One such thing again is the new Face ID which already has the potential to become the new standard of biometric protection just as Touch ID proved to be with the iPhone 5S.

But then again, for a gesture as simple as looking at your phone to unlock it, there is some incredible technology working behind the scenes to help make it possible. Apple is claiming it is the most advanced thing they have done on the iPhone ever and is all packed into the tiny spot at the top front of the iPhone X.

So what you have there is a TrueDepth camera, Infrared camera, Flood illuminator, Dot projector and of course the front cam all of which works in tandem to make the Face ID possible. Then there are the usual assortment of sensors such as the proximity and ambient light sensor as well as the microphone and speaker.

Also, to make Face ID a reality, Apple said they have packed in an A11 Bionic chip with neural engine in the phone. Apple also said the system is robust enough to not be fooled by using photographs, or for that matter, face masks to unlock the iPhone X so that it only takes the face as the input to attempt an unlock. It works day and night and can adapt to you as your looks change, for instance, you grow a beard or start wearing glasses and so on.

Apple also claimed Face ID to be several times more secure than Touch ID though you sure have to watch out if you have a twin. Till then, Face ID will also be the safest and the most convenient to make payments via Apple Pay. As for the A11 chip, Apple said it comprises of two high-performance cores, and four high-efficiency cores and together makes the most powerful it has ever been on an iPhone.

The iPhone X is also about the enhanced application of AR so that the technology is now applied to create Animoji in Apple-speak. And if you haven’t got it already, Animoji stands for animated emoji, which easily is the most advanced makeover the standard emoji has ever had so far. Also, it is the most fun thing you might have ever expected the standard emoji to ever perform, with 3D emoji adapting to your style to deliver a message.

After that, there are some slight changes introduced to the UI to make for the lack of the home button. Instead, what you get is a small bar along the bottom of the display, swiping up on which will land you on the home page, or swiping it up and holding a wee bit longer will launch the multitasking mode.

The same goes to the physical power button, a longer press on which will launch Siri. Again, a double press of the same will launch Apple Pay.

Moving over to the cameras, front and back, Apple again has introduced some advanced technology here to make those the best we have ever had with any iPhones. While all others have kept making the rear cam better, Apple chose to make the front cam the best it can ever be.

So in addition to allowing for animated emoji, there is the new Portrait Mode now applicable to the front cam as well. Then there are several new fun stickers to make your Snapchat conversations more lively.

The rear dual lens cam again is vertically oriented but sticks out quite appreciably, which also happens to be the only sore point with an otherwise brilliantly proportioned handset. That, however, does not belittle its capabilities, which includes a f/2.4 telephoto lens complemented by a f/1.8 wide-angle lens.


As for the battery, Apple said it is going to last 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. Then there is wireless charging feature that made its debut on the iPhone X. Perhaps to celebrate that, Apple also introduced an innovative charging block termed AirPower and can charge and iPhone, Apple Watch and the AirPods all at once. You just need to place those on the block, and they get charged automatically.

Another nice thing with the iPhone 6 is that it starts at $999, which applies to the base 64 GB version. There is another with 256 GB on tap, and it is not known how much it is going to cost. Pre-orders start October 27 while deliveries start November 3.