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Galaxy Note 8 emerges the highest selling of all Note variants so far

Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy Note 8 seems to be on a roll, notwithstanding the impending launch of the mega iPhone X or Samsung’s own Note 7 fiasco. The South Korean firm, however, isn’t releasing any figures to back its claims but said they have received more orders for the Note 8 than any Note device ever garnered any time before.

Samsung had launched the Note 8 on Aug 23 and is slated to reach showrooms in the US and UK on September 15. The company had earlier stated they are aiming to sell around 700,000 of the Note 8 device during the first month itself. The phablet has also gone for more than 250,000 pre-orders in India as well, which again is another record.

The relatively high price tag of $929 also seems to be having little impact on the Note 8’s saleability, with the phablet’s appeal remaining intact. All of that isn’t without reason given the Note 8’s brilliant specifications. Those include a 6.3-inch QHD, Snapdragon 835 chipset coupled to a 6 GB RAM along with options for 64, 128 and 256 gigs of native storage.

Then there is the S-Pen support as well which, together with the exceptional software optimizations in support of it, adds a whole new dimension to the phablet’s productive credentials. Also, it is here that the Note 8 begs to differ from almost every other smartphone available in the market, including even the iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Preorder, Specs, Price, Availability

The record number of pre-orders for the Note 8 can also be seen as an indication of at least a section of buyers showing the least preference for the iPhone X. The infamous Note 7 issue where a lot of the devices had caught fire spontaneously is also seen to have little effect on Note 8 so far. Situation had come to such last year that many had even predicted it to be the end of the Note series though the Note 8 is proving the naysayers wrong so far.

Samsung should consider itself fortunate with buyers continuing to repose faith in them. Meanwhile, there are some freebies accompanying the sale of all Note 8 pre-orders. Those include a Samsung Gear 360 cam or the Galaxy Foundation kit which again comprises of the Samsung 128 GB EVO+ microSD along with Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible. The offer runs till Sept 24.