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Google Assistant optimized Bose headphone set for launch soon

Google just made its Assistant a bit more personal, so much that it would now be whispering all the stuff right into your ears via a pair of Bose headphones. Christened QC 35s, the new noise-canceling headphones come with a dedicated button to launch Google Assistant that you can speak to directly without requiring any intervening device in between.

Google said the setup process is simple as the headphones just need to be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Thereafter, one just has to launch the Google Assistant app where the user would be guided through the rest of the set-up process. Once that is done, the Google Assistant will always be just a button click away. The button can be found on the right ear cup.

The Google Assistant on the Bose headphone is also just the same as the Assistant anywhere else. Which means it can do all that the Assistant can accomplish on the phone or speaker. That includes playing songs, reading out text messages or news and such.

In much the same manner, it can take instructions as well, like – call Mom and so on. When the call is established, you can continue communicating via the headphones itself; no need to switch to the phone for that. However, the headphones do just negligible processing, with most of it accomplished on the phone itself.

The headphone would be compatible with iPhone besides Android phones of course. However, the Android handset needs to have Marshmallow installed at the least for it to function. Also, it isn’t just the Google Assistant factor that happens to be the biggest USP of the headphones. Rather, it has an appeal of its own.

While Google has stated they have worked with Bose closely to ensure users have the best possible Assistant experience via the headphones, the fact is, the QC 35s are great in its own right.

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The noise cancellation feature does a great job of keeping the surrounding noise at bay so that you can always get to hear what matters to you most. Also, with it being a Bose product, sound output quality should be equally great as well.

Google further stated the new QC 35s will be available in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the U.K. with $350 likely to be the tentative price.