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Google still grappling to deal with Pixel 2 XL screen burin-in issue

Google has acknowledged it is aware of the several display issues that has been plaguing the Pixel 2 XL so far, with the most serious of them all undoubtedly being that of screen burn-in.

The company also issued a statement reassuring potential buyers of the technological superiority of the POLED (Plastic OLED) display, and that they are actively working on the issue. However, there is no mention as to how soon a practical solution can be expected.

It has been just weeks that the Pixel 2 range was unveiled. Things seems to be fine with the smaller Pixel 2 though there have been quite a few complaints with its bigger sibling. Those range from grainy display at times to dull color reproduction though having a significant portion of the display greyed out is perhaps the most annoying of those all.

As has been revealed so far, a test unit of the phone delivered to Android Central showed almost a third of the display at the bottom having a grey over the ground. In fact, so intense is the grey effect that the original contents of the display including the navigation buttons at the bottom are only barely visible.

For those not in the knowing, the Pixel 2 makes do with a display made by Samsung while the bigger 6-inch Pixel 2 XL display is manufactured by LG. Interestingly, the latest LG flagship, the V 30 also sports the same POLED panel and has had no adverse reports so far. In fact, POLED was also used in the G Flex 2 phone earlier given the panel’s inherent ability to display a degree of flexibility.

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As for the problem at hand, what remains to be seen is if the issue is restricted to only a certain batch of the Pixel 2 XL displays. If not than it could be a wider problem for Google to deal with. Right now what seems evident is that the company too is at a loss identifying what could have gone wrong, and it could be some time before a solution comes to the fore.