Home Technology Samsung Galaxy S9 finally has an official launch date – Feb 25

Samsung Galaxy S9 finally has an official launch date – Feb 25

The Galaxy S9 finally has a firm launch date, Feb. 25 which is exactly a day before the MWC getting underway. Samsung had earlier confirmed they would be unveiling the S9 during the MWC, and the date mentioned in the official press invite is in perfect consonance with that; as it is with past practices where the flagship phone is launched just a day before the mega mobile event starts off.

Also, apart from the date, the invite also carries the letter 9 in purple, which against a black background does make a point. That, of course, refers to the event being actually about the unveiling of the S9 though there also is the phrase ‘The camera reimagined’ etched in the message.

So while the S8 has been – and still is – about the Infinity Display exemplified by curved side displays along with thin strips of bezels at the top and bottom, the new S9 will no doubt be about innovative camera technology.

Persistent rumors on this has also pointed to the S9’s rear to have a major redesign of sorts compared to past generation devices. That will include a dual camera setup, at least for the bigger S9 Plus device which will be stacked in a vertical alignment placed along the center.

Further, rendered images of the S9 reveal the fingerprint sensor placed just below the rear cam while the LED flash is placed in another vertical cluster placed along the right. The whole arrangement looks neater and less obtrusive than what it was with the S8 even though things could still have been better.

For instance, while the placement of the fingerprint sensor has been one of the biggest grouse with the S8, the same could still be an issue with the S9. Sitting so close to the rear cam, there still are chances of mistaking one for the other.

Apart from a dual-lens camera for the S9 Plus which makes it only the second phone after the Note 8 to have so, the other unique aspect of the camera will be its use of the new Isocell image sensor chip.

The new chip comes with several advantages which include its ability to shoot better images in low-light conditions, faster focus, along with a built-in depth sensor that allows for easy face recognition capability. The new sensor is also a lot thinner as well which should allow for even thinner bezel to accommodate the camera lenses.

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These apart, the S9 is rumored to pack in top tier specs which include a Snapdragon 845 chip, 4/6 GB of RAM along with 64 GB of storage, OLED screen along with a newly improved iris scanner.