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Samsung confirms launch of foldable phones later in the year

Samsung has stated one of their priorities for 2018 will be to launch foldable smartphones among other things. The company, however, has no other details to share about the phone, including its likely specifications or launch timelines.

Samsung made the revelation during its fourth-quarter earnings call and FY2017 results during which the company also spelt out the roadmap it would follow for the rest of the year. So while foldable phones would be high on the list of devices it intends to launch this year, it is foldable displays as a whole that the company said they would be focusing a lot this year.

Apart from phones, Samsung said they are also keen to foray into the automobile sector as well as a likely segment for application of foldable panels. Just how it visualizes the use of a foldable screen in an automobile isn’t clear at the moment though.

The company meanwhile is also reported to have shown off a few near production ready prototypes of the upcoming foldable phone codenamed Galaxy X. However, that happened behind a closed door and to only a select few journos who were barred from taking pictures of the device.

Among the other areas, Samsung has identified as a key segment to drive growth include AI and IoT. That naturally translates to a more intelligent Bixby in future devices such as the Galaxy S9. That Samsung already enjoys a solid presence over almost the entire consumer electronics segment provides it with a significant advantage as those would serve as a ready platform for integration of AI and IoT technology.

The company meanwhile also stated they are foreseeing a likely slump in TV sales but intends to counter that by launching new sets sporting cutting-edge technology. Those likely will include 8K TV that Samsung had showcased during the CES event.

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Also, of course, there is the S9 that would be the first of the big-ticket launches forthcoming from the South Korean giant. The flagship phone is slated for launch on Feb. 25 and is believed to feature cutting-edge camera technology among other features.