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Sony teaser video likely points to things being curvy with future Xperia smartphone

MWC is just around the corner, and it is hardly surprising companies are busy shooting off teaser videos through their official channels. We have seen Samsung doing so with its S9 just days back, and it is now Sony’s turn to turn up some heat.

The video in question is cryptic at its best, which is hardly surprising considering that teaser videos are best when they conceal more than they reveal. The Sony video posted on its official Xperia Twitter account can, however, be considered extreme to that mark in that there is precious little that gets conveyed for sure.

For instance, the only bit that can be made out from the video is that the company has something definite to show off at the upcoming MWC event. Even the date, Feb. 26th gets displayed, which is likely when a new Xperia handset might be up for public launch. That the video comes from the official Xperia Twitter account coupled to the fact that the MWC has typically been the venue of many Xperia phone launches in the past makes us believe 2018 would be no exception.

Coming back to the video and its contents, all that gets shown is a few curvy waves emanating from the top and onto an outstretched human palm. Next, it is up to the viewers to decipher the same in their own ways. The curves could well indicate a new haptic feedback system incorporated on the upcoming Xperia phones.

Or maybe the curves are sound waves after all and indicative of superior sound output qualities of the new handset. Sony has in the past drawn upon the Bravia tech to power its smartphones, and it’s likely the company is incorporating the Bravia’s sound feature on the phone.

Then perhaps the curvy waves are symbolic of the phone ditching its edgy design after all. The recent Xperia flagships cut a lone figure with its boxy design and sharp edges among a sea of vastly superior looking alternatives that featured curvy design theme. The Galaxy S8 or the Note 8 can be considered the best example of that.

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Also, while the Android flagship brigade has since adopted the ‘Infinity Display’ sort of design, Sony continued with the traditional looks exemplified by thick bezels at the top and bottom. However, with there being the iPhone X or the likes of Galaxy X in the offing, Sony no doubt is under pressure to have something innovating and unique to show off. The curvy waves so far does not point to anything definitive, but we sure would expect a thing to be really exciting from the Sony camp this time.