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Samsung teased off another video showcasing the camera Galaxy S9

Samsung has already made it amply clear the new S9 will be more about improvements to the camera than anything else. And the company is backing up those claims with a new official teaser video that throws some fresh light into several aspects of the phone’s camera technology.

Not surprisingly, the teaser video too is christened ‘The Camera Reimagined’, perhaps to drill in the fact, if it hasn’t already, the S9’s biggest innovation will be with the camera. The video is also cryptic at best with a lot of dual meaning induced.

For instance, things start off with a conventional camera before it gets transposed into the Galaxy S9, which could be a way to infer the smartphone is having the same qualities as the bigger camera offers. Then there is the iris shown as well which too likely refers to the improved iris recognition system the S9 is believed to come with.

That is not all as the video does seem to momentarily freeze at the iris with only the aperture contracting a bit, something that we do instinctively to adjust to varying light conditions. No prizes for guessing the upcoming S9 too will be featuring a similar variable aperture technology that will make the camera to adjust automatically according to the external light condition to allow for the best shot.

There is a lot of flashing as well while the flash, as it was used when the camera segment was still at its nascent stages has also been depicted. Maybe that points to some new flash technology that will debut with the S9, something that could make the current flash seem to belong to an era gone by. That would make for a nice match too given that the S9’s biggest USP will be its camera.

A few software enhancements too are hard to miss. Those include emoji and filters to add some fun bit to the shots. There is photo tagging available as well, which no doubt will be closely integrated with the social network for easy sharing right from the camera app, or whatever. The camera will also likely have the ability to take detailed shots in slow motion while 3D emoji could be another star feature of the phone.

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On the whole, the new S9 duo will no doubt be a game changer of sorts so far as smartphone camera is concerned. The S9 series is set for launch on Feb. 25, just a day before the start of the MWC event.