Home Technology Google removed ‘view image’ option from image search results to deter piracy

Google removed ‘view image’ option from image search results to deter piracy

The Google image search has undergone some changes in that the familiar ‘view image’ button is nowhere to be seen now. The above is already in affect and is seen to make it harder for anyone to steal the images.

The above change can also be considered to be the fallout of a recent arrangement Google went for with Getty that will let the latter’s photos to feature in Google Images. However, one of the conditions Google had to agree to for the above deal to fructify was to introduce enough changes to deter piracy.

Getty has really been concerned with the way just about anybody could access even copyrighted material via Google image search. Photographers and publishers too were pushing for Google to adopt measures that would make unauthorized downloading of copyrighted images that bit harder.

Fortunately for them, the lack of the view image button will ensure access to images won’t be as easy as it has been so far. However, while that is good so long it upholds the legitimate rights of people over their images, the same will no doubt make it that bit harder for many to use free images available online.

The View Image button was really to the liking of this group who could download the image and use it in whatever way they wished to. The process, however, has just been made a bit more extensive in that the user will now have to visit the particular site where the image is present. This way, Google can ensure the site too is being publicized while the user will have to scroll through the webpage to locate the image they want to use.

In any case, there still is another way users can get hold of the image directly from the Google search results. That would be by clicking on the image to open it in a separate cut-out that Google uses to highlight the particular image beside also presenting some alternate suggestions as well. Right-clicking on the particular image there followed by selecting ‘view image’ option is all that the user needs to do to download it to their devices.

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The ‘view image in another tab’ will also work in much the same manner and it up to the user to do it according to the manner that suits them best. In fact, the removal of the ‘view image’ button might seem too trivial considering the ease with which images can still be accessed.