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New Microsoft Xbox Live avatars leaked online

The Xbox Live avatars that Microsoft has been working on for some time now has leaked online, the credit for which goes to a former Microsoft employee who had uploaded a video of it to YouTube and subsequently spotted by a ResetEra, forum user.

However, even though the video has been removed, it not before several publications have already got a hang of it all. That provides us with a nice idea of what the new Xbox Avatar Editor is all about and the way it functions.

For instance, the editor will allow users to customize their online avatars in almost every conceivable manner. That includes means to change the way user’s face, makeup, body parts looks. All of it extends to even the fingernails as well which too can be changed according to the user’s wishes.

Another interesting aspect with the new Avatar editor is that it is more Windows 10 in its design ethos than Xbox One. That is evident in the way it allows one to navigate around using a mouse. Further, the layout of the interface with the various options tray placed on the right seems to confirm to the Fluent Design System approach than being integrated into the Xbox One dashboard.

Of course, the leak isn’t all-revealing as there still is a lot of confusion to be cleared. That includes what is being termed as the ‘alter-ego’ option, which experts opine will likely let gamers to change their avatar even if a gaming session is in progress.

Interestingly, not all options are readily available as some needs to be sourced from the online avatar store. So for those who wish to take on something special and such, they will have to shell out more as well. There also will be a marking to discriminate customization options that has been purchased to those that has always been there.

This also makes for a departure of sorts from the Xbox 360 Avatar editor that also allowed the purchase of items using in-game achievements, besides real world money as well. It seems Microsoft is keen to let users buy stuff using the only real money now onwards.

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Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how the new Xbox One Avatar editor will look when it actually launches. Also, given that it has been leaked, Microsoft might also have to work hard to still make it look fresh to its users when it is eventually launched.