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Google Pixel Watch is coming with Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL and Pixel Buds

Google is tipped to launch its first smartwatch this fall, alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL phones that are anticipated during that time of the year. The smartwatch will be carrying the Pixel brand name and is likely to be called the Google Pixel Watch, noted tipster Evan Blass reported.

Of course, details are scarce at the moment while it also is several months left for the launch to actually happen. Google usually holds its Pixel phone launch event during fall, or more specifically around the end-September and early-October period.

Blass said he got the info from a reliable source and exuded confidence in its authenticity. Google earlier had rebranded its smartwatch specific OS from Android Wear to Wear OS. While that has been done to make the operating system, and hence all devices based on it seem platform agnostic, there also have been a growing clamor from many for Google to be making its own smartwatch.

Android-based smartwatches has also been more of a dud so far with none having made much of a mark.

Sure there has been no dearth of Android smartwatches ever since the launch of Android Wear back in 2014. A few such as the LG Watch Sport or the LG Watch Style do an excellent job too though none have the sort of numbers to their credit as say, the Apple Watch.

That also makes the Pixel Watch something to look forward to though given that it shares the Pixel lineage, it is almost a certainty to be priced quite generously.

So is the Apple Watch too with its starting price tag of $329. However, while Apple has off late tried to differentiate its wearable with a heavy emphasis on healthcare, it remains to be seen what Google Pixel Watch will have on offer to let it stand out of the crowd.

Meanwhile, Blass also revealed Google will be unveiling a new second gen Pixel Bud as well. That too will be keenly looked forward to given how the first gen ended up in a whimper. Also, with there still being several months left for the new range of Pixel devices to launch, there sure will be multiple rounds of leaks and rumors to keep us engaged.

Exciting days ahead!