Home Technology YouTube Music and Premium Services go live in 17 countries today

YouTube Music and Premium Services go live in 17 countries today

In the aftermath of an ambiguous announcement in May, YouTube has launched its Music and Premium services today leaving ripples everywhere on the internet.

Previously, the services of YouTube Music and YouTube Red were available in New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea, the US and Australia. With the announcement today, YouTube would be expanding its services to Canada as well as other 11 European countries. The countries included in the list can be identified as follows:

New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

The YouTube Premium website was made live just a few hours ago while this is being written. Subscribers that presently have access to YouTube Red services could be able to identify the transition to YouTube Premium on the desktop sites. On the other hand, the mobile app would still depict YouTube Red which is expected to change soon.

The essential highlight to be noted in this case is the working of YouTube Music site for people in all the above-mentioned countries. With Google already having launched a desktop app for YouTube Music in the recent past, it was not unexpected to make the services live in due time.

YouTube Music could be termed as the next big revolution in the case of the YouTube’s services which is characterized by all-inclusive services for music streaming. The platform would include traditional as well as album versions of songs, remixes, and tracks from unsigned artists, live performances, covers and a wide variety of songs.

The platform emphasizes music discovery, and the home screen would provide new recommendations that would be based on listening activity, location, and history. The intelligent search facility supported by machine learning is helpful for the effective understanding of queries and delivery of appropriate results that is not observed in the case of the services of Apple Music or Spotify.

The pricing for YouTube Music is classified into two tiers which are free and premium. In the free version of YouTube Music users would find ad support while in the YouTube Music Premium users have to pay a monthly rate of.

99 for an ad-free experience. YouTube Premium is priced at a monthly rate of $11.99 and provides all services of YouTube Music as well as access to all content across YouTube without ads. The platform also provides access to YouTube Originals which will be expanded shortly.