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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen stylus likely to have a Bluetooth button

Samsung’s upcoming smartphone wonder, the Note 9 is set for a grand unveiling on Aug. 9 though a few interesting tidbits have already started to flow in. Take for instance the recent revelation of the Note 9 S Pen stylus coming with integrated Bluetooth capabilities.

That alone makes for a huge capability enhancement for the stylus that otherwise has been just fine for tasks such as writing and drawing, besides operating the device as well. Now with built-in Bluetooth capability, the stylus will be able to pull off a lot more tasks than just making marks on the Note 9 display.

The above revelation came to light post a careful inspection of the FCC filing for the S Pen. It became all the more evident after the model numbers for the S Pen and the Note 9 device too matched up.

While it isn’t exactly known how Samsung wishes to leverage on the additional Bluetooth feature, the possibilities can, in fact, be limitless. Some experts speculated Samsung might use the same for starting and stopping timers, control music playback and so on. Or the Stylus can also be programmed to take photos as well where a press on the Bluetooth button will trigger the camera to take a snap.

Guess we got to wait a little longer for a more clearer picture to emerge on this though this will no doubt be the most significant makeover for the humble S Pen that we have seen in years.

Meanwhile, the other pieces of info we know about the Note 9 include a Snapdragon 845 chipset for models destined to be launched in the US. Then there is going to be the other model that has the Exynos 9810 chipset at its core and is going to be the version that will go on sale in South Korea and several other markets. Both models are expected to spawn into multiple version offering 6 and 8 GB of RAMs together with storage of varying sizes.

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A recent Geekbencch report also pointed out the Exynos 9810 model faring better with scores of 3716 and 8984 for single core and multi-core tests respectively. In comparison, the model with Snapdragon 845 onboard managed cores of 2737 and 9064 for single and multi-core tests respectively.