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How to add multiple Face ID on iPhone X running iOS 12 beta

The latest beta release of iOS 12 now allows users of iPhone X device to set up multiple Face IDs, thus enabling the user to share his or her device with others. This can also be considered as a natural evolution of the sharing feature that was also available with Touch ID that supported up to five users to register their fingerprints.

Here is how to set up multiple Face ID on iPhone X running iOS 12.

The process starts by opening the ‘Settings’ page followed by selecting ‘Face ID and Passcode’. Here, users would be required to enter their passcode to verify the authenticity of the user. Once the passcode matches, one will have to select ‘Set up an Alternative Appearance”.

Post this, the second user will be required to set up his her face from scratch using the standard procedure. Once it is done, the second users will also have the same privilege as the first users when it comes to unlocking the iPhone X along with everything else that requires the services of the Face ID feature.

However, the thing to note here is that the facility to add a second Face ID is available via the beta version of iOS 12, and beta version is always buggy. So, you might get trouble in using the beta version.

That said, Touch ID did enable the user to setup five user accounts on a single device. This also proves to be handy as the user can share the device with, say their partners or family members without any hassles. Multiple registered users also ensure there will always be the means to unlock the iPhone even if the device fails to authenticate a single user, whatever be the reasons behind it.

However, with iPhone X with multiple Face ID, resetting anyone Appearance will also render the other obsolete. As such, both will be required to register afresh once again to start using the device.

Apple is slated to officially release iOS 12 this fall season, and it remains to be seen how well this function will behave or Apple will allow users to Add more Face ID in future.