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Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy S10 in 3 different size options

It still is more than half a year left for Samsung to be anywhere near to launch its next ‘S’ series of flagship phone though there already are rumors of the S10 doing the rounds of the internet. And the best thing with the rumors is that it has its origins with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a pretty much dependable name when it comes to rumors and speculations.

As for what Kuo speculated, the S10 might be available in three different size options of 5.8-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.4-inches. Further, the latter two models having 6.1- and 6.4-inches of a display are the ones that would have in-screen fingerprint display while the smaller 5.8-inch version will make do with the conventional fingerprint sensor though, for a change, it’s going to be mounted at the side.

Samsung so far has been offering the ‘S’ series flagship in two size options with the latest S9 offering 5.8- and 6.2-inch of screen real estate. Of these, the smaller 5.8-inch version is the entry-level model that has slightly scaled down trims in the form of a smaller memory and a single lens rear camera.

From what can be made out of Kuo’s speculations, Samsung is likely to follow a similar strategy of offering an entry-level flagship which has a few compromises with the more flamboyant flagship versions having top of the line specs coming next in line. That would also mean the latter two versions will have a higher RAM rating as well, along with of course higher storage option too.

An in-display fingerprint scanner is also something that Samsung has been working on really hard for some time but with little or no luck. As a result, several of its flagship devices the last few years have missed out on the coveted feature, making do instead with the conventional fingerprint sensor placed at the rear. Even the upcoming Note 9 too is speculated to come with the fingerprint sensor placed underneath the front display though it remains to be seen if that is how things pan out in the end.

In other S10 related rumors we have come across so far, the phone is also tipped to come with at least three rear-facing cameras, a trend that Huawei started with the P20 Pro. That is not all there is also likely to be a front-facing 3D camera as well to power some sort of a facial recognition feature to better match the Face ID system that Apple introduced with the iPhone X.

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Interestingly, Apple too is speculated to launch three versions of the iPhone X having the same size as the S10 is rumored to come with.