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Google working on Project Fuchsia, might replace Android in future

Google is reported to be working on a new and secret software project which could one day go on to replace Android as well. Internally referred to as Project Fuchsia, the new software initiative is however far more ambitious in its scope and functionality than just replacing Android.

According to info currently known about Project Fuchsia, the new software is aimed at not only replacing Android but Chrome OS as well. In fact, the software will run across all devices ranging from PCs and smartphones to even the smartwatch or every other connected device in between. The software is also envisaged to offer a similar user interface across the entire device spectrum so that users find it easy interacting with the devices.

Another parameter that Project Fuchsia is required to fulfill is to offer a more personalized user experience than Android can provide for at the moment. That includes deeper support for voice interactions which again is clearly aimed at positioning Fuchsia as a common platform to power future IoT devices that are expected to become mainstream within the next few years. Artificial intelligence is also going to be a central aspect that Project Fuchsia will be based on.

Security is another aspect that Fuchsia is expected to have better support for right from the conceptual stages. That sure should boil down to perhaps more frequent security updates than is possible right now with Android though it remains to be seen if Google has other innovative ideas on this front to make user devices more secure from hacking attempts. With gadgets around us becoming smart in the forthcoming years, security no doubt will be of vital importance and its good to see Google working on the same right from the start.

All said, Project Fuchsia can still be considered to be in the conceptual stages with the efforts yet to be accorded official sanction from the top order. About 100 engineers are believed to be working on the project, and the efforts have so far also involved app developers and such who have been allowed to tinker with the codes as well.

Further, the final approval for the full-scale development of Project Fuchsia to bring it to a conclusion is not expected to be a cakewalk; more so given the extensive scrutiny, Android is subjected to at the moment. Also, the $5 billion fine that Google has been levied will no doubt make it more jittery in granting any approval to its software efforts. In any case, Fuchsia can still be considered to be ready for a market debut within the next five years itself.